Clark Freeport Zone Customer Satisfaction Survey – Clark Development Corporation. Philippines
Developed and Implemented a Customer Satisfaction Survey. The Customer Feedback/ Satisfaction Survey was used as gauge to measure how CDC relates with its Customers/ Stakeholders

Ayala Land Customer Satisfaction Survey – Ayala Land, Inc. Philippines
Develops and Implements various Online Customer Satisfaction Survey. The nationwide survey/study covers all Commercial and Residential Development Projects of Ayala Land, Inc.

Testing, Inspection and Certification Industry (TIC) Study 2014 – Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc. (IMIE) Philippines
Prepared a TIC Industry Study focusing on industry &* Market growth trends for China, Mexico, Bulgaria and the Philippines. (On-Going)

Elevator Industry Study, Jardine-Schindler Elevator Corp. - Philippines
Conducted a Market and Industry Study for an International Elevator Company. A nation-wide Survey was undertaken primarily to determine current users, perceptions and growth potentials of the market.

MLM (Multi-level Marketing) Industry Study – Naturally Plus, Ltd (Singapore)
Conducted a Market and Industry Study for a major Singapore-based MLM Company. The focus of the study was to determine existing trends in the MLM Industry as well as growth potentials in the Philippines for a new entrant.

World Bank-IFC Enterprise Survey (2009 & 2014)
Conducted a Nation-wide Enterprise Survey wherein key managers/owners of more than 1,300 companies across the country were interviewed for the Survey. Business Planners was commissioned by WorldBank to perform the Survey in the Philippines.

Biodiesel Industry Study
Preparation of a detailed Industry Report on present market conditions and growth potentials of the Philippines’ Biodiesel Industry. The Project was undertaken for a Private Company that had plans of venturing into the local market.

Industry/Market Research on the Forex Trade Industry, Lotus Forex, Ltd. (2007)
Preparation of a detailed Industry Report on the Forex Trade for a Hong Kong based Client venturing into the Philippines Market

Socio-Economic Investment Survey
Prepared for Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources. The Project was commissioned to UBTECH, Inc. a local NGO. Mr. Oliver Juanir acted as Project Officer and spearheaded research on Alternative Livelihood Resources for the Coastal Communities surrounding Manila Bay.




Feasibility Study – Expansion Activities For An Agri-Based Business - Napier Grass (Nuvogreen Corporation)
Conducted a Feasibility Study for the establishment of an Agriculture-based business focusing on the Napier Grass Variety ideal for cattle feeding..

Feasibility Study – New Shared Office Space Facility (Promarket Group, Israel)
Conducted a Feasibility Study for the establishment of a Shared Office Space Facility in one of the Commercial-Business Districts (CBD) of Metro Manila..

Business Plan - New International Money Remittance Company (Card247, Inc.)
Prepared a Business Plan for the development a new International Money Remittance Company that shall be engaged in the business of fund transfer and remittance services for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in various countries.. ..

Feasibility Study for a 150-hectare 1st class Resort Development in Boracay (Global Estate Resorts, Inc.)
Developed a Feasibility Study for a new mixed-use 5-Star Resort Development Project (Boracay Newcoast Integrated Tourism Estate) on a 65-hectare property in Boracay. Estimated development cost of the Project is Php 3.66 Billion. The Report was primarily a requirement of TIEZA (Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority) for accreditation purposes.

Feasibility Study for the development of a Teleport System in KSA - Computer World & Technology Trading Company (CWT)
BP was assigned to undertake a Feasibility Study for an envisioned Teleport System (Satellite System). This will serve as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s first Commercial Teleport.

Feasibility Study for the expansion of an existing Plastic Manufacturing Plant (Jolly Plastic Manufacturing Inc.)
Developed a Feasibility Study for the relocation and expansion of Plastic Ware Manufacturing Company. The total investment for the company’s envisioned expansion activities was an estimated amount of US$50.00 Million.

Feasibility Study for a New 4-Star Villa and 18-hole Golf Resort in Pampanga
Developed a Feasibility Study for a new mixed-use 4-Star Villa and Golf Resort on a 160-hectare property in Porac, Pampanga. Estimated development cost of the Project is Php 4.65 Billion.

Feasibility Study for a New First Class Condominium Resort in Bohol
Developed a Feasibility Study on an envisioned Condominium Resort Project in Panglao, Bohol. The Proponents of the project aims to develop a 4-storey first class Resort on a 1.4 hectare prime beachfront property.

Feasibility Study for a planned expansion of an existing School, MFI Foundation, Inc. (formerly Meralco Foundation, Inc.)
Developed a Feasibility Study for MFI Foundation for a planned expansion and facilities-development of an existing Farm Business School in a 60 hectare property in Jala-Jala, Rizal.

Business Plan for the entry of a US-Brand Pre-Blended Frozen Alcoholic Drinks.
Developed a Business Plan for new company that plans to market a internal branded Alco-mix drink (Fat Tuesday Drinks). Intensive market research and product acceptability surveys was also conducted prior to the development of the Business Plan.

Feasibility Study for a New Tertiary Level Hospital in Paranaque City
Developed a Feasibility Study for Premier Medical Center, a planned 150-Bed full service tertiary level hospital in Paranaque City. The project shall be established inside Amvel Business Park.

Market Study/Feasibility Study for a Korean Cosmetics Company
Preparation of a Market Study and Feasibility Study on the viability of marketing a famous Korean Cosmetic Brand in the Philippines. Focus was on determining the performance of competitors, market entry strategies and growth of the market.

Market Study/Feasibility Study Retirement Village in Baguio City
Preparation of a Feasibility Study & Facilitated Governmental Documentary Requirements for the approval of a Korean Company in developing an Php 800 Million Property Development Project.

Feasibility Study for Expansion & Improvement of an Existing Condo in Baguio City, St. Peter's Condominium (2008)
Preparation of a Feasibility Study for an existing Condominium in Baguio City. The FS was used to successfully acquire a loan assistance from a private bank.

Market Study/Feasibility Study for a 1st class Bar-Dance Club, Makati City (2007)
Undertook extensive market research and Business Plan Development for a proposed upscale Bar-Dance Club

Facilitated the Acquisition and Establishment of Nursing Review Center Franchise, M.Ross Corporation (2007)
Provide full support service in identification of a viable site, initial staffing, as well as project management for office renovation for a newly acquired Nursing Review Center Franchise - Rachell Allen Review Center, Manila Branch.

Business Plan for Private Lending Corporation, Leader Lending Corporation (2007)
Preparation of a Business Plan/ Market Study for an existing major company with directions of venturing into the Lending Industry.

Market Research & Franchise Identification Study, M. Ross Corp. (2007)
Undertook research & facilitated negotiations for a US-based company.

Market Study & Feasibility Study for expansion of a existing major Ice Plant, Aftermath Resources, Inc. (2006)
Preparation of a detailed Feasibility Study for a planned expansion of the Ice Plant. The Report was used primarily for acquiring a bank loan.

Market Research & Business Plan Development, TCSI Computer School
Preparation of a detailed Marketing Study and Business Plan for Computer Technical School.

Kabayan Hotel (QC) Feasibility Market Study-Armadillo Holdings, Inc.
Preparation of a detailed Marketing Study and Feasibility Study for an 8-storey hotel situated in Quezon City,

Allen Hostel (Baguio City) Feasibility Study/Business Plan - AFPSLAI
Preparation of a detailed Feasibility Study/ Business Plan for a 3-level hostel / lodging house situated in Baguio City.

Property Development/Marketing Plan – Goldwater Enterprises, Inc.
Conduct of a Conceptual & Marketing Plan for a 13,978 sq.m. property along P. Tuazon cor 20th avenue.